Massive Reduction

I am going through nearly eleven years of blog posts and removing many, many images – especially those of my kids. I have an issue with keeping photos of other people who didn’t necessarily consent to me hosting them. The photos are not lost, but you will not be able to find them on this page.

It’s Over

Christmas 2018 is over. This will be the last one where we keep a half-tree on the kitchen table. Emily will be talking and won’t be as grabby.

One of the biggest toys was broken on arrival and I spent a good amount of time taking it apart to attempt to get it working. Poor craftsmanship made Emily sad but I believe I can fix it. We had many, many other toys with lots of little parts that are still strewn all over the house. The girls had a good time. Sarah got a bike that is way too small, a cool customized book, and a pile of other stuff.

Christmas was mostly good. Dinner was odd but good, the weather was beautiful. We expected rain mid-day but the clouds only threatened, never acted. It’s for the better. I hate pulling weeds.

I need to get my own bike tire fixed up. I think I need a replacement valve stem or possibly some rim tape. Going from hot summer to mild winter is a good fifty degree garage temperature swing so something contracted. It’s not a big deal, just irritating.

Erin and I will be working on something together that we’ll talk about in the future. We’re very glad the kids are getting to an easier age where we could find an underage babysitter to play with them for a few hours instead of worrying about someone who may or may not know CPR.

I’m tired. 2018 was an awful year. I got a huge part of my health figured out but the year took so much away. Not only from us, but from friends and families close to us. It’s been miserably expensive around every corner and when the expense isn’t money, it’s emotional destruction, exhaustion, or death. Things are hard. I wish we had family nearby to help. Who knows what the last five years would have been like if I could have just had some help on occasion when I needed it.

I have plans for next year. Things will be better even though, technically, they couldn’t have been much worse. The market is garbage right now but we’ve got a better hold on our finances. Family life is taking hold and the exhausting baby stage is nearly done. Arrogant parents will laugh and nod and say “wait until they’re older” which, sure, I get but I’d like to see them suddenly have a baby again. I know you forget how hard it is because we sure did. I dare you to try the life we have lived the last five years.

Thanks for all the gifts, both to me and to the family. I’ll be attempting some home made salsa next year and listening to some CDs that I’ve wanted for a long time.

New (Default) Look

WordPress got an update today and I’m going to try out the included default theme.  The sidebar stuff is now down at the bottom.  I guess this makes sense because so few of us dinosaurs use computers now and most are on narrow displays.  Whatever works, I really don’t care too much what it looks like.  The top of the page looks a bit sparse.  Maybe I need something there.

All content should still be here.  Please let me know if something is missing.

Amazing Times

Today, November 26, 2018, humanity successfully landed a big robot on Mars for an eighth time.  Hours earlier, the World Chess Championship resulted in a draw – twelve straight games ending in a tie.

The current champion is playing at a higher level than anyone in history and there’s someone just barely behind him to force tie games over and over.  They’re 27 and 26 years old respectively.

Then we put together metals and circuit boards and send a payload to space and make it to a planet six months later.

There’s a lot of crap in this world and 2018 is terrible but days like this remind me what we are capable of as a species.  We can kill each other all day long because we disagree on something or we can put our heads together and go to Mars and turn dusty old chess into a spectator sport.

2018; you suck but thanks for not being a complete let down.