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I work at a company that does research on advertising.  Helping clean out an old closet I found this awesome portable VHS player which was likely used to show people commercials in focus groups.  It has a pretty good small screen (though mine seems slightly damaged).  You can even record to it through an RCA video in port on the side.  The bottom says it’s from 1992.  It takes a nickel-cadmium battery which probably hasn’t been charged since the mid nineties.


I don’t own any VHS tapes so a co worker let me borrow an Anime called Appleseed.  I only watched the first few minutes but the VCR seems to work fine.  The speaker works, tracking, brightness, everything.  The rewind button seems to stick a bit.  There’s also audio and video out so you can use it with a real TV if you want.

I’ll see if the battery can hold a charge this weekend.

The whole thing weighs a ton but I think that it is overall pretty slick.

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    1. No way. This is pretty sweet. I recorded an exploration video but Erin started to talk to me and the audio isn’t anything that I’d want to post onto YouTube.

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