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There are two important moms in my life.  One spent a week with her granddaughter and left this morning and the other is enjoying her very first mother’s day today.  I was out of town all last week and never realized how much I’d miss Sarah.  Maybe it’s because she’s tiny and not talking back or slamming doors yet.  I thought about her constantly but I knew that she was in good hands.

A close friend out in Albany drew a beautiful picture for me to give to Erin as a gift.  She posted it here on her blog.


It came in the mail while I was gone so I plan to get it framed soon.  Sarah also wrote mom a card.

V__3F7FI hear it took a while to get right.

I’m bummed out that my mom has to do an eight hour drive all the way back to California on mother’s day.  We’ll see her again in just forty days!  Both grandmas, grandpas, and maybe a few other family members will come out to visit.

Normally I’d say “be safe” on a holiday but mother’s day is the holiday you’re probably least likely to put M80s in a pumpkin and throw it off a bridge.  Save that for father’s day.

There are a few new videos on Sarah’s YouTube page.  Here’s one from last night.

To all of the mothers out there – happy you day from your gray-hair causing rascals.