Happy 1/2 Birthday! 3 votes

Baby Sarah is turning six months old today!  She got to try some new food last night which we shared on Skype with my parents.


Let’s go!


Good so far.


Apple and pumpkin? Who would do such a thing?


I thought I made myself clear. Apple and pumpkin don’t belong in the same jar, much less the same house.


Jason and mom, 32 years ago.


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Work and Money 2 votes

My life has always supported work out of necessity.  I’m at a turning point where I’m realizing what a luxury it is for work to support life instead.  I will never take that for granted.  It’s really easy for one to say “do what you love” when they can afford the time to find out what that is.

I finished our taxes last night with Sarah in my lap.  I’ve never felt so rich and so poor at the same time.

Another Wedding 2 votes

Congratulations to my cousin Angie on her Valentines Day engagement!  That is, getting engaged on Valentines Day, not making some plans on or for Valentines Day which would be far less exciting.  Good job, RJ.  I guess I’ll have to figure out whether it’s R.J. with the periods or just RJ.  Whatever.