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Earthbound is a great game.  A kickstarter for an Earthbound documentary made a stretch goal which turned into a convention.  Coincidentally it just happens to be here in Tucson.  I love the game so I went to the convention and had lots of fun.  Here are me and Sarah posing next to Flying Man.


And Sarah as a game sprite!

sarah spriteFor reference, here’s the main protagonist in the game, Ness.


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Hawaii was incredible. We’d go again in a heartbeat…even on the exact same cruise.

We did everything. Volcanoes, snorkeling, jungles, deserts, food, beaches, fish, turtles. We saw it all. We left the port on the fourth of July and got to see some great fireworks over the bay. The worst part was missing Sarah.

We traveled six thousand miles in the last two weeks but we’re back at home now with a crawling baby and Erin with a new job.

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Hawaii is on the immediate horizon.  I can’t wait to get home and share some photos.

Sarah is crawling and climbing up on things now.  We had to lower her crib.  My folks are going to have their hands full.

red hat

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It’s here.

The move is over.  Sarah is ten months old.  Most importantly; Erin is done with residency.

When I met Erin back in 2005 she told me that she didn’t like working as a software developer and wanted to be a doctor.  You don’t think much of that on a first date.  I didn’t think about where will that put me in ten years.  Erin started with some pre-med classes up in the bay area California and then in Minnesota.  She started Albany Medical College in 2007 and her residency out here in Tucson in 2011.  The whole time I’ve done what I needed to do for us to get by.  I’m certain that my career path would be different if we had never met.  I’m sure I wouldn’t have stayed in my field.

Now, in June of 2015, that first date at a Mexican restaurant in Redlands has turned into a decade long, cross country odyssey that landed us in Tucson with a house and a baby.  Erin is done.  Work starts in August.  We’re going to Hawaii.  I may be able to pursue my own interests now.  I’ve put many things on hold for a decade.  I’m a much different person than I was in 2005 – for better or for worse.  I’m not even sure what free time is like anymore.

I’m proud of Erin.  She’s done something that I could never dream of doing.  This is more than just schooling.  Medical school and residency is an incredible strain on every aspect of personal life.

Great job, Erin.  Sarah and I are very proud of you.