Adblock Plus For Sale

I’ve talked before in my big security blog post about the dangers and shortcomings of ad blocking software.  Guess what?  The biggest player in the game which you may have running on your computer right now, Adblock Plus, is now selling acceptable ads.

Yep.  Highest bidder can walk through the doors.

Fabulous.  Great job.  This is like when the store Just Tires started carrying more than tires.  Their slogan is now “There’s more to just tires than just tires.”

Adblock Plus, “We don’t block ads.”

So what do you do?  Stop using it and start with the hosts file.  It’s not for sale, free, safe, and arguably the best way to stop ads.

You can use both if you are scared of change.  Use Adblock Plus and hosts.

Toddler Video Game

I’ve never understood where the game Goat Simulator fits into the world of games.  It’s a pretty stupid game overall but it is a game that I can enjoy with my two-year-old daughter.  She screams and laughs as the animals bound through the city, causing havoc. This is a giraffe (a.k.a. “Tall Goat”).

Here’s a sample:

She loves goats.

I don’t have a video of her screaming and laughing.

The Big News

So here it is. My lovely wife is pregnant again. We’ll be having a daughter in January!  Sarah will be a big sister.

We’re better prepared this time around and though it will be harder, Erin is at least out of residency and she’ll get some maternity leave this time.

We visited California this weekend.  Travel wasn’t too bad though we did drive during daytime instead of through the night like usual.  Day driving, though hotter, is a lot easier on my eyes.  Unfortunately the temperature between Tucson and Los Angeles averaged 110 (and hit 118 twice) that Friday.

Thanks for hosting, mom and dad.  I wish we could have stayed a bit longer.

In other news, July 2016 was the third hottest month ever recorded in Tucson.