Any day now

Any day now 1 vote

My little girl will be here any day now.  She’s due on August 19th but Erin tells me that due dates don’t really mean anything.  It is pretty safe to say that it will be in August as July comes to a close.

Erin and my baby are doing just fine right now.  Erin’s is more and more uncomfortable while baby kicks more.  I feel pretty good, thanks for asking.

It’s Friday.  I’m beat.  I’m hosting a Mario Kart 64 and Smash Bros 64 night here tomorrow.  Erin will be at work so we won’t be bothering her with our 20-year-old games.


Moon 2 votes

Humans put boots on the first thing beside earth on July 20, 1969.  It’s hard to watch this sort of thing without getting a bit choked up.

You always hear about how much less technologically advanced we were just 45 years ago.  Here’s some more of that.  The computer or cell phone that you are reading this on would blow away everything on that lander in technical prowess.  I need a GPS to get to downtown Tucson.

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