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First Steps 1 vote

Sarah took her first two steps today on her own.  It was incredible to watch.  We get to see some family on Sunday up in Phoenix.  Maybe she’ll be able to do a few more.

And the Beat Goes On 5 votes

Things move fast.  I’ve been way behind with updates but I’ve been queuing stuff in my head that I want to share.  I really haven’t said much since before Erin finished residency in June.

That was a big day.  June 20th is when I was counting down to for years.  It was great.  Erin’s folks came out as well as my mom and sister.  It was a small ceremony because there are only four residents who clear through this program each year.  It was a hot day to wear a tie.  Erin is done.  That was the big news.

During this week my office moved and there was a bunch of work involved.  I was really tired and it was crazy.  We both earned a big vacation.

For the next week Erin stayed home all day and studied for her board exams which she took right before our trip to Hawaii.  She’ll find out how she did in the coming months.

We left for California on the way to Hawaii the following day.  Sarah stayed with grandma and grandpa in San Dimas.

The trip to Hawaii was amazing as we expected.  We did everything.  The flight to Honolulu was out of LAX and about five hours long.  The flight itself was uneventful.  Once in Hawaii we met up with the Norwegian Cruise Line coordinator person who met us at the bag check and ushered us to the shuttle which would take us to Waikiki where we would spend the first two nights.  We were the only couple on this bus of fifteen people that wasn’t part of the family vacation.  They were odd, rude, and very impatient.

Our room wasn’t ready and we had to walk around the beach which was fantastic but I was stuck wearing some ill-fitting jeans and a big backpack.  I was forced to buy a $10 pair of jeans the day before we left at WalMart in California at midnight because I somehow forgot to bring pants.  It was after 11PM that I bought them so they wouldn’t let me try them on.  I need pants on an airplane.  I always get really cold.

Once we got our room the vacation really started.  I put on shorts and got a good view from our balcony then we went downstairs to enjoy the amazing Waikiki.  It’s one of my favorite places.  It was just like Las Vegas without the smoking, gambling, and heat.  All of the great people watching and good food was there.  It was beautiful.  We saw the aquarium right on the beach as well.  Go.  It’s great.

We got on the boat a few days later and went all over.  We boarded on the fourth of July and had a party on board.  Erin and I were chosen for a couples hotdog eating contest.  We came in second to a gay Asian couple (go figure) but I know that I could have done better.  I just walked out of the buffet where I hammered lots of pizza.  Watching fireworks from the ship over the bay was really great.

Maui was amazing.  I’d love to live in Maui.  It had the clearest water I’ve ever seen.  Going to the “baby beach” was fun.  It was a small beach way out on the other side of the island where the ship docked.  Cute little babies and four inch waves.  I kept looking at houses but we’d never be able to do it.  In fact, most of the people who have land in Hawaii don’t live in Hawaii.  It’s really hard to make a living out there.

We took two driving tours.  We saw Waimea Canyon.  Went to a real luau.  We went to a coffee plantation.  We did some snorkeling in Kona.  I really enjoyed it.  It’s the third time I’ve snorkeled and it was the best.  The water is so warm and we saw so many fish.  Nature reminded me that I’m getting older when the balding spot on my head got burnt but not the rest of my head.  Oh well.

We had a nice dinner one night to celebrate our five year anniversary.  We came home with a folder of printed photos of the two of us with pink skin and silly necklaces.

At the end of the trip Erin and I were one of the first out of the boat and therefore one of the first on the shuttle back to the airport.  Honolulu airport is a really nice airport.  It’s huge and mostly open-air.  Really.  Birds are flying around and it’s pretty muggy through the whole airport.  A few areas are enclosed with air conditioning but mostly it’s just really sticky.  We had five hours to kill in the airport before our five hour flight back to California.  We went into almost every store and I even considered buying twenty pounds of pineapples for my sisters.

The flight home was also uneventful but I got an internet connection and played around a bit.  I tried some connectivity stuff and VPN stuff just to see what you could do on an airplane.  I wanted to experiment more but I only had five hours and I need to fly again!

We got home very late and Lindsey met us at LAX with some of the best gummy worms I’ve ever had.  We left Tucson the following morning with baby Sarah and I went back to work the following day.

I’m nearly 40 hours in time-off debt right now.  I used everything for two large vacations and Sarah’s actual birthday.  I’ll be back at zero early next year.

Erin took July off.  She didn’t work!  How lazy!  She had a chance to catch up on some sleep and make up some time with Sarah.  I didn’t take Sarah to daycare in the morning or pick her up in the evening so my commute was very short.  It was so nice seeing them both home when I was there.  Sarah getting excited to hear the door unlock and then crawling toward me when she sees me come through the door is the best feeling.

We finally took care of some things financially that have been bugging us and have put a few more things on the immediate list instead of the someday list.  We need to get our house painted per the HOA by next year so we’ll take care of that once monsoon season is done.

In the beginning of August, Erin started at her new job.  She works (mostly) normal hours.  We share the duty of making sure Sarah makes it to and from school.  Sarah is much better at sleeping now.  She gets fussy sometimes but she’s only one year old and there’s no real way to tell exactly why they’re in a good mood on moment and an a bad one the other.

On Thursday Sarah turned one year old!  Her birthday was the best day of my life.  She is so much different as a one year old.  She can crawl, say a few things, throw something, feed herself, and even eat some real foods.  It’s amazing to think that even six months ago I was so scared that she’d die if I didn’t look at her for a few minutes.

On her birthday we took her to the mall to paint her feet and stamp them on a plate.  Erin painted the rest of the plate while I walked around the mall with purple paint on my pants and Sarah’s feet.

Today we “celebrated” her first birthday by inviting some friends over who also have babies.  I grilled and we had some fruit and cupcakes.  We let Sarah smash a cupcake but she didn’t really like it.  She liked how it felt but it seems that she didn’t care much for the taste.  We fed her some of the cake.  Maybe it was because so many people were staring at her that she felt uncomfortable.

We got a ton of toys (thanks everyone) and even some stuff we already had so we can give that to someone else when their kids have a party.  Everybody wins!

It’s been an odd weekend for weather but we’re having some serious thunder and lightning right now with almost no rain.  The power flickered about twenty minutes ago and I expect it to happen again.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday and then Lisa’s on Tuesday.  Happy birthday all around.  Late August is a big Schlueter birthday.  There must be something in that turkey…